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A leader in power semiconductor technology

CEO Message

TRinno Technology Co., Ltd Dong Jin Kim, CEO I extend my sincerest appreciation to all customers and partners visiting our website.

CEO of TRinno Technology Co., Ltd. Dong-Jin Kim

TRinno Technology Co., Ltd aims to evolve into a leader in power semiconductor technology, providing low-power consumption, high-efficiency device and system solutions.

For that, I will pursue the righteous management(integrity) that puts an emphasis on compliance with laws and regulations and fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities and make constant efforts and investment for development of power semiconductor technology that meets the need of customers and requirement of the times based on our twin pillars of business philosophy which promotes ‘creativity’ driving the technological innovation and ‘spirit of challenge’ for achieving the world’s best technology and quality.

All our employees, including me, are fully committed to contributing to advancement of the nation’s electronic, electric, and automotive industries based on active involvement in localization and technology development projects related to power semiconductor devices, which the nation currently has reliance on imports, by leveraging our extensive practical experience and ensure that our company can evolve into a global R&D corporation spearheading the advancement of power semiconductor technology.

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