TRinno Technology Co., Ltd.

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Quality Environment Policy

All employees of TRinno Technology are leading the power semiconductor technology based on innovative technology, design and marketing in the course of development and production of power semiconductors and exert the best efforts to ensure high quality, reliability and safety of products in compliance with quality-related regulations and system requirements to provide the products and solutions tailored to the needs of customers and meet expectations and requirements of customers.

Quality Environment Policy

Quality and Environment Management taken as top priorities

All employees should give the utmost priority to development of the best quality in whole processes of product development, manufacture, sale, service and disposal and to the greatest mitigation of potential environment impacts.

Product development based on quality & environmental management system

Development and manufacture of products should be based on autonomous goals of compliance to bring nothing less than complete customer satisfaction and observance of environmental laws/regulations based on fundamental and precautionary measures to prevent problems. Best efforts should be made to maintain comfortable environment and preserve the Earth environment by preventing injury and property damage and minimizing the use of natural resources.

Quality and reliability exceeding the expectation of customers

We move the hearts of customers based on relentless improvement of quality and environment management in parallel with constant performance management that analyzes and evaluates the performance through regular check and inspection

Education, Training and Communication

All employees pursue customer satisfaction, high quality, and cost-appropriateness, plan and implement education and training vital for maintaining pleasant environment and safe workplace, providing support and cooperation to ensure that stakeholders recognize the quality and environment-related capabilities of our company and that required information can be shared.

Our company pursues to make the high quality and environment culture take root so as to turn itself into a leader in power semiconductor sector, maps out and implements the quality environment objectives, and makes utmost efforts to develop new technologies.


  • ISO 14001
  • IATF 16949